Detailed overview of our service.

We create Dynamic Ads from all your available assets. Our AI analysis, evaluates and optimzes them 24/7 in real time to ensure the best possible ads. During our campaign you will also learn why some elements work better than others. That allows you to advertise more effectively in the future.

AI driven Advertising

At the beginning we check all the advertising materials you provided to us. After this step we load all materials into our system which creates advertisements out of all possible combinations., such as visual, primary text, CTA etc. to test them against each other and find the best possible ads for your campaign.

During the course of the campaign, optimization takes place in real time, so that only the best ads are displayed after a specified period of time. In this process, our AI replaces expensive Neuro-Marketing and delivers the results directly without long waiting and testing times. Thus, your audience sees the best ads and they feel personally addressed.

At the end of the runtime, an evaluation is made to determine why certain ads achieved better results than others. For example: "A shorter CTA leads to more clicks"; "Red disruptors lead to more conversions" and so on. You'll know exactly what worked best and why.