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Let us Take Care of Your Social Advertising with Artificial Intelligence.

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Enhance your revenue, business growth, and connect with your audience—through Facebook and Instagram. We combine our expertise with AI to deliver you the best results.

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  • Reach your target group more efficiently, without scattering loss
  • Generates Neuro-Marketing learnings in a few weeks—at low cost
  • Find hidden potential in your Creatives through our AI Creative Rating (AICR)
  • Your ads will be optimized permanently and in real time by our AI

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Industry Results

Return on Invest for a software client
Recommendation Uplift for an automotive client
Return on Invest for an entertainment client
Offline-Sales Increase for a FMCG client

What makes us different

Ordinary Solution
AI driven Advertising

Automated optimizations

Ordinary Solution

Your campaign is managed manually. Agencies has many clients and rarely take the time to optimize your campaign.

  • Average or good results
  • Possible human errors
  • Budget is not spent efficiently
AI driven Advertising

Your campaign is managed by our AI and data specialists 24/7—backed by millions of data streams.

  • Best possible results – always
  • No human errors
  • Budget is used optimally

Algorithm learning function

Ordinary Solution

Perform classic campaigns with some creative variations and A/B testing.

  • Learn which creative is preferred by the algorithm
  • Know afterwards that B works better than A – but not why
AI driven Advertising

Profit from AI based testing with unlimited possibilities and bulk campaign features.

  • AI based Optimizations which guarantees the best results even within a test
  • Know at any time that B works better than A, C, etc. – and why

AI driven audiences

Ordinary Solution

Defining a target group once and stick to it. Precisely based on researched personas or similar methods.

  • Stay within the possibilities of the predefined target group
  • Miss the potential to achieve significantly better results
AI driven Advertising

Advanced targeting – based on AI connections – during the campaign to reach people outside of your usual audience.

  • Reach people outside of your usual target group
  • Get more cost-efficient results

Embrace AI Power.

We maximize the efficiency of your Social Advertising through the power of the algorithm, AI optimization, and AI based audiences.

Just one more thing

The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.

— Albert Einstein
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