AI is to advertising what fire was to the cavemen.

Get the best possible Dynamic Ads. We create Dynamic Ads from all your available assets. Our AI analysis, evaluates and optimzes them 24/7 in real time to ensure the best possible ads. During our campaign you will also learn why some elements work better than others. That allows you to advertise more effectively in the future.

And this is how it works.

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Ready to take off.

At the beginning we check all the advertising materials provided to us. We evaluate these data according to the overall goal that needs to be achieved and create a preselection with the help of our AI. If something can be optimized in advance we get back to you with our suggestions. After this step we load all materials into our system which creates advertisements out of all possible combinations.

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A journey full of learning.

During the course of the campaign, optimization takes place in real time, so that only the best ads are displayed after a specified period of time. In this process, our AI replaces expensive Neuro-Marketing and delivers the results directly without long waiting and testing times.

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One giant leap in advertising.

At the end of the runtime, an evaluation is made to determine why certain ads achieved better results than others. For example: "A shorter CTA leads to more clicks"; "Red disruptors lead to more conversions" and so on. You'll know exactly what worked best and why.

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You may ask
Isn't AI just a big bubble with nothing behind it?

AI is a topic that is very complex and thus also difficult to understand. Many people feel the same about the stock market. Even so, one cannot deny how great the potential of these two areas are.

Our technology is supported by many systems and fed with data generated by the big players: Google, Facebook, IBM and Skai. We verified our technology successfully and couldn't be more confident when we say it's not a bubble, it's the future.



Save 75% costs with cutting-edge Neuro-Marketing results.



You benefit from 10 years of digital marketing experience.



AI predictions with 96% accuracy like a swiss watch.


Better results

Up to 3x better results with our AI, compared to humans.

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FAQ – Answers to your questions.

What is your service?

We create dynamic Facebook and Instagram ads that are tested for potential using our AI. As soon as the ads go online, the metrics of the advertising platform such as CTR, conversions, etc. also flow into the evaluation of the AI. This allows the AI to perform very solid real-time optimizations. This ensures the best possible results.

How exactly does your system work?

Our AI creates different ads from your input. While the campaign is running, our AI measures the success of each ad and optimizes your campaign 24/7. Your audience sees the best ads and they feel personally addressed. This increases your desired results. Together with our experience you also learn why ads work – or not.

How do you ensure that the AI won't make any mistakes?

Our data specialists review the behavior of our AI on a continuous basis. We compare the data with our experience, numerous studies, and historical findings from our data partners. In this way, we ensure that the AI is functioning at its best and is constantly evolving.

Do you have Benchmarks?

Of course! This is one of the pillars with which we verify our results. Before starting the campaign, we calculate with the help of our technology what results are possible. This is the technical benchmark.

Such a benchmark is of course influenced by many factors. Personal feelings, social events, etc.

For this reason, you will also receive a Psy-range or a psychological-influence-corridor. This indicates how much the technical benchmark is expected to deviate. This range is estimated by an AI.

Technical benchmark: 5.05 € CPO
Psy-Range: 12%

This means that technical and without further influences, a CPO of 5.05 € is reached. Possible influences have been quantified here with 12%. Our AI therefore thinks that the results can deviate by 12%, depending on the influence.

How do I know the current performance of my campaign?

We are pleased to be able to offer you multiple solutions here. This way you always know how the campaign is doing and what the current numbers are. For example, we can create an online dashboard where you can see the performance in real time.

Of course you can also receive regular reports, automated by our AI. In addition, we regularly meet to discuss the current performance and the next steps.

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